Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers from partners and Dojima. Please check this FAQ first before contacting us.

  • 1. Can you give a brief introduction to Dojima Network?

    Dojima Network is creating an omnichain layer to bring the whole web3 ecosystem onto one common layer.

    It serves as a cross-chain hub, connecting various chains (both EVM and Non-EVM), pooling assets and data, and enabling the deployment of complex cross-chain applications.

  • 2. What problem is Dojima Network solving?

  • 3. What are the main features of Dojima Network, and what sets it apart from other projects in the market?

  • 4. How does Dojima Network access liquidity from other blockchains?

  • 5. If it's liquidity from dApps on various chains, how are they combined and used cross-chain?

  • 6. How can users exchange native tokens such as Atom and SOL to use GMX on Arbitrum within the Dojima Network?

  • 7. How does Dojima Network maintain decentralization while connecting multiple blockchains?

  • 8. What security measures are in place to protect pooled assets from breaches or attacks?

  • 9. How does Dojima Network ensure that the security of one chain doesn't compromise others in the network?

  • 10. Can you tell us about the hackathons organized by Dojima Network?

  • 11. How do hackathons contribute to the growth of Dojima Network and the web3 ecosystem?

  • 12. What incentives do developers have to participate in Dojima Network hackathons?

  • 13. How do you plan to attract developers and participants to your hackathons?

  • 14. How can someone get involved in Dojima Network's hackathons or become a part of the community?

  • 15. How does Dojima Network plan to support and nurture developers who participate in your hackathons?

  • 16. Can you share some success stories or notable projects that have emerged from your hackathons?

  • 17. How do hackathons align with Dojima Network's mission and vision for the future of blockchain technology?

  • 18. Testnet is launched, and it has seen tremendous popularity. What can you tell us about the upcoming V2 Testnet or Stagenet and the new features it will introduce?

  • 19. Can you explain the significance of including AI, ZK (Zero-Knowledge) technology, and RWA (Real-World Assets) in your product suite?

  • 20. How Dojima Network plans to lead in these areas?

  • 21. What is the primary utility of the native token (DOJ) within the Dojima Network ecosystem?

  • 22. Can you explain the token unlocking and vesting schedules for different participants in Dojima Network?

  • 23. How does Dojima Network plan to address token deflation and burning mechanisms?

  • 24. Can you elaborate on the role of DOJ as a collateral token for protocols within the Dojima Network ecosystem?

  • 25. How does Dojima Network ensure a balanced and responsible token distribution strategy that aligns with the project's long-term goals?

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